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Giovanni should have killed Kei because he finds out that Kei is part of the Chinese mafia Triad and that he kidnapped Mira to keep Gio from her. Mira agrees to go back to Italy with Gio if he lets Kei go I found it funny that he thought that Kei was her boyfriend and was jealous when he was having sex with different women. Ebooks and Manuals

Mira is still in love with him and now she must accept that he is never going to let her go and she must protect her baby. This was a really good book it was well written with no errors in spelling or grammar. This book ends with a cliffhanger I really want to know who the woman is that visited Kei in jail and why she is threating Mira. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Jan 05, Tanielle rated it liked it Shelves: romance , crime , erotica , series , action , death , fast-pace.

This one had me holding on from the start! From the second Giovanni sat on that couch with the envelop I was on edge. I knew something was up with Kei but I thought his character would be way more dangerous, hopefully this isn't over with him and he's just now getting started. Mira was really disappointing in this one, she just caved every turn.

She seemed like a totally different person then the one that dined with Fabiana when they first met Lorenzo. She was true to character when she continue This one had me holding on from the start! She was true to character when she continued to fall for the ookee doke though. Disappointed that she didn't stand up to Giovanni from the jump and the little bit that she did stand up nothing came from it. I think she did Kei really dirty, she knew what the deal was with Giovanni from the beginning so pretending that she was scared of anyone was lame. When she first found out she should've sent some type of word to Giovanni regardless of the war going on.

Kei did what he had to do to keep them safe even with her not feeling him he still went way beyond what he had to to protect them. Still not sure what Lorenzo has up his sleeve but I'm sure it will all come out soon and when it does it's going to be great. The next one has to be good if Kei can get his stuff together. View 1 comment. Jul 11, Mspraise50 rated it it was amazing. Okay book 2 in the series and I love it. Mira and Gio are back together again. However, Kie has been allowed to live and is causing all kinds of trouble for our couple.

I wish Gio had just killed him but then he would have been in trouble with Mira - so no winning there. Well worth the money and time. Highly recommend the series. View all 19 comments. Dec 13, Anino rated it really liked it Shelves: interracial-romance , soul-mates , anino-s-irr-challenge. Exceptional Storyline and Character Development with bite.. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Sienna Mynx is a first class writer who has raised the bar for IRR writers.. Feb 11, Beth Evant rated it really liked it. I liked Ti Amo better than I liked the first book.

I even warmed up to Mira in this one. Of course, I loved Giovanni just as before. He is all man and I love that. I couldn't help but wonder what made Giovanni and Kei so attracted to Mira. I just didn't see the qualities that they did, but then again, I'm a woman. I wished that Giovanni would have killed Kei when he had the chance. I don't like him in the story. He needs to go away. I'm not looking forward to reading about him in the next book.

E I liked Ti Amo better than I liked the first book.

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Eve was my absolute favorite person of all time in this story. She was sweet and I imagined her to be so beautiful. I loved the way she loved her daddy. Giovanni turned out to be such a wonderful dad. Giovanni and Eve stole my heart. The back stories were also very interesting. I was rooting for Catalina and Domi. And I really hope that Lorenzo can find the love of his life. I like Lorenzo and I am glad that he was able to get back into Giovanni's good graces there at the end.

I am so impress with the knowledge that Sienna Mynx has of the Mafia and their actions. Can't wait for the next book. Aug 07, Kimbelry Lane rated it it was amazing. I've had this book for several years but I couldn't get past the beginning. I realize now it's because I was trying to read the second book without having read the first.

Nevertheless once I finally got to chapter 4 I was hooked. I now know what all the hype is about SiennaMinx has joined delaneydiamond TrishaThompson and roxierivera as one of my favorite authors. Nov 17, Goodymob rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites. This is Book 2 of an awesome series that is unfortunately not getting its just desserts. Amazing love story, steamy love scenes, heartbreak, betrayal and a well developed plot. Friends you are missing out on a treat if you pass up this series.

Jan 05, Bee'sBooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: interracial-romance , mafia-romance. Sienna does it again with Book 2 in the Battaglia Series. I will never like Mira I can just tell, she is a fool and I can't relate to fools in books or in real life, I just can't.

However, this book deserves five stars because the story is so rich and drama filled and the characters I do like just feel like "real" people, with their flaws and emoti Sienna does it again with Book 2 in the Battaglia Series. However, this book deserves five stars because the story is so rich and drama filled and the characters I do like just feel like "real" people, with their flaws and emotions and thoughts.

I truly loved every moment of this book, even my screaming rants towards Mira and that dang Catty Catalina mainly Mira though because ugh. Ti Amo is a continuation of Destino and it starts up about two years after the end of Destino. As everyone knows by now Don Giovanni Battaglia and Mira Ellison were in a relationship that suffered a serious strain after a tragedy struck their lives.

Mira was whisked away to New York under false pretenses by Flavio, Giovanni's Consigliere, as he was not a fan of Mira's and the hold she seemed to have on Giovanni's heart and mind. Once back in New York, Mira goes back to her ex, sneaky, mysterious Kei who gets her out of town to Switzerland, as a way to keep her safe from the mafia; that is looking to put a hit on her, as a way to get at Giovanni.

This is when things really begin to kick off and the story gets going. Now, Giovanni is my dude in this series all the way around, even when he is on his alpha male BS, I am here for Giovanni. For about two years Giovanni and Mira were separated for certain reasons view spoiler [ she faked her death and was pregnant and he didn't know about it and had to find her after some info about her was brought to his attention, but he didn't know about baby Eve either.

However, Giovanni gets some information regarding Mira from his cousin, sheisty, Lying Lorenzo and he sets out to get Mira from Switzerland, where she has been staying.

Amore (Battaglia Mafia Series, #5)

When Giovanni and his crew arrive in Switzerland they see that Mira has been staying with her ex Chinese lover, Kei and that there is another surprise. Mira is so sickening here because she was clearly in the wrong for a lot of what has happened in the last two years, but in true Mira fashion, she stays trying to blame Giovanni and his lifestyle for her predicament.

Uh, no boo boo. She totally robbed Giovanni of so many happy experiences in the two years they were apart and that was SELFISH and not her call to make alone in my opinion. Mira, Mira, Mira! I have so much disdain for this character that I could write a series of books on how much I do not care for her and why. Explain to me how Mira wants and expects forgiveness from Giovanni for her awful, selfish and bootleg choices, but she is so quick to point the finger at him and not readily forgive him for actions that occurred in their past.

Also, the things Giovanni dealt with were issues that were part of his lifestyle and Mira knew that. She won't forgive him for an action that happened and it WAS NOT his fault, but to keep the peace and because he loves Mira he is willing to take the blame and try to move on. Um, no Giovanni, you don't owe Mira an apology for anything. Mira chose to be with Giovanni and his family, so if you are choosing that life you have to deal with what comes along with it, not only the good parts that suit your tastes.

Plus, she needed to be angry with Lorenzo because it was his sneaky, duplicitous actions that led to tragedy in Giovanni and Mira's life. Also, what Mira took from Giovanni in the two years she was away from him, he could never ever get back or re-live, so she owes him big. Nah, girl you were on crack and then you tell Giovanni maybe they could get along. Are you serious?! What dude who truly loves you is going to try and get along with your trifling ex and YOU, when YOU shouldn't have been with him in the first place and he was happy to take and keep you away with your MAN"S CHILD and act like he is the dad and you are his woman again?

Girl bye, I cannot with Mira's selfishness and stupidity!!! Ugh, she is such a trifling mess, I can't even deal. Catalina is still Catty and annoying in this story as well, but she was doing the ultimate schemy, manipulative nonsense, when it came to her and her husband Franco. She is just horrible and I know her antics will continue and add drama to this story.

I love Domi and I know he loves Catalina and she loves him, but uh uh, he needs a nice girl who isn't a manipulative, snake in the grass like Catalina. She irks my life and stays getting poor Domi in trouble with Giovanni; who is already angry with Domi over Catalina. Lying Lorenzo is up to his usual antics of foolishness and trying to clean up some mess he created from plotting and planning and not thinking things through all of the way.

Of course other people are starting to be drawn into his devious plots and we will have to see how they fare because I keep saying it, Lorenzo is about Lorenzo, the end. Overall, I loved this story as well and I feel like the plot just keeps getting better and better. I am looking forward to reading many more installments in the series, so keep 'em coming Sienna! Jul 01, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , romance. A continuation into the Battaglia Mafia series. Mira comes across more mature, as due to Eve she has been resigned in her decision of what she would do Which of course he does Here I was all excited Argggh, I wanted a bit more fireworks.

Don't get me wrong, the pace was fine, but I feel like things work out a lilllltttleee too neatly for Gio. I haven't seen him really sweat. I know he blamed himself for what he thought happened to Mira, but I he didn't give me anything I haven't seen in the first book: lonely, cold, sad, Gio. Well, he did stop shaving, lol! Anyway, I actually liked possessive dad Gio better in this book.

Kei was a great side character, and the series progression is coming along nicely. The steam is still there, and it was a fun light-hearted read. The ties have still not ended as there are some characters who will be back Jul 22, Connie rated it really liked it Shelves: ir-contemporary , m-f , interracial-erotica , strong-h-h-characters , pgs , amazon-owned , brooding-hero , black-female-white-male , sienna-mynx , mafia. Ti Amo picks up where Destino left off with Bella fleeing the US after a second attempt on her life by the enemies of her most recent ex-lover, Giovanni.

She is in hiding for a couple of years with a surprise package when Gio learns that she still lives. The stor Ti Amo picks up where Destino left off with Bella fleeing the US after a second attempt on her life by the enemies of her most recent ex-lover, Giovanni. Dec 15, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: interracial-romance-bw-wm , mob-themed , erotica. After the cliffhanger of the last book I knew this one would be explosive and it certainly was.

Giovanni was is usual powerful self, but with Mira by his side she makes him show that bit of compassion that makes him a character you can't help to fall in love with. Mira was such a strong woman in this book.

mafia captive Manual

She did what she had to do to protect her child at all costs. She really came into her own as the Donna of the family. Diffusing situations that could have gone terribly wrong. She really held After the cliffhanger of the last book I knew this one would be explosive and it certainly was. She really held the family together when they needed to stay strong. I think I'll be sad to see this series end after the next book.

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The writing is just so explosive, the storyline is attention grabbing, and the love scenes are oh so erotic. Sienna Mynx remains one of my top favorite authors. Nov 30, Deb rated it it was amazing Shelves: available-for-lending , crazy-sexy-alpha , favorites. So Ms. Mynx did it again with the second installment of the Battaglia Mafia Series. We've been waiting on pins and needles for the reunion of Giovanni and the love of his life, his Bella and it was so totally worth the wait! I just love reading about everyone in this book. Everyone we met in book one was in some way in book 2 setting the scene for what I know is going to be a spectacular book 3.

I dont want to give anything away so I will end my review with this. Giovanni is so wonderfully aweso So Ms. Giovanni is so wonderfully awesome, Mira still has some naivete but I think that she showed some maturity by the end of this book. This is a must own, must read, must re-read. Apr 03, Taylor rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Goodness gracious I have no idea where to begin with this story.

The story was well written, the plot had the right amount of drama and intrigue to make me devour this book, yada yada.

آخرین پستها

So why the one star rating? We'll get to that. This book was not bad, and I would love to read more like it. It was so different from a lot of the popular romances nowadays, and I felt it was well thought out. There's violence, lots of violence, and sex, lots of that too; and it ended with a huuuuuge cliff hange Goodness gracious There's violence, lots of violence, and sex, lots of that too; and it ended with a huuuuuge cliff hanger. If my friend let me get into what Fabiana let Mira get into, words and maybe a few punches would definitely be exchanged.

That was the second hardest thing to stomach: how by the end of the novel she basically just rolls over and lets Giovanni walk all over her. I hate how guilty Mira started to feel after she and Fabiana argued; Mira had every right to be angry that Fabiana knew what Giovanni and his family were up to but didn't tell her, and instead pushed her to be with Giovanni. Again, words would've been exchanged.

There are so many reasons I hate Giovanni he lied to Mira about, well, everything; he closed down her shop that she worked hard for because of his illegal activities--then lied about it, then threw it in her face; and his overall selfishness. I chose the latter, and as a friend of mine finished the series and told me what happened, I'm glad I didn't continue. If you like weak "heroines" and douchey, lying Mafia men, this book is right down your alley. I did something I said I wouldn't do with series and that I haven't done in a while, that read them back to back. I had to start this one right after Destino to see if Giovanni was going to choke Mira for keeping his baby away.

I love this series so far and I had to force myself to stop and not read the 3rd book right now. To take the edge off I went back to my 1st love of mafia families the Medlov's. I was so happy when Giovanni showed up, I wanted to see what Kie had because we all know he is I did something I said I wouldn't do with series and that I haven't done in a while, that read them back to back. I was so happy when Giovanni showed up, I wanted to see what Kie had because we all know he is hiding secrets. This one didn't turn out like I thought but in a way I was happy but the drama is to be continued in the next book.

You want drama it takes a scorned woman to bring it. Dec 19, raeneysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-r-romance-ebook. May 22, Fanta rated it liked it. I really had high hopes for this one. I'll keep it short and I apologize in advance if this post is a bit rambly. I gave this book 3 stars and I felt like that was a bit generous.

The storyline was okay. Too much sex in my opinion, but okay overall. I have to say that Mira really disappointed me in this one. In the last book, I thought of her as strong, but in this one she just let everyone walk all over her and I really did not understand why. Because of this, her relationship with Gio took a I really had high hopes for this one.

Because of this, her relationship with Gio took a back seat to Catalina's selfishness. I REALLY disliked this girl in this book and I was super pissed that no one would set her straight and make her see the error in her way. I mean how true is your love for someone if you have to turn them into someone else to protect yourself?

As I was reading her scenes I could not help but to think that maybe her cousin Aurora had a reason not to like her, separate from the fact that Catalina does not think about anyone but herself. Catalina is really hard to like. I do not think her family would like her if they were not her family. If there's an issue, she manages to turn the situation to her made up problems. Honestly, love and family is very important, but I would simply shrug if something bad happens to her in the next one.

In my opinion, she did not try hard enough. From the beginning, she was out to do wrong. Also, it would have helped if everyone's age was stated clearly. I might have missed it, but how old is Dominic? Isn't it ironic that Gio disembodied a man in the first book because he liked bambinas and everyone thought it was just, but Dominic simply get a tap on the wrist for pretty much the same thing? Mira overstepped protecting him for his actions. I'm happy that Gio said it because of his family and their own personal needs leading the family awry.

Gio went from one extreme, doing things in the best interest of his family business, to another extreme, doing whatever other people wanted him to do through Mira. It's no surprise that they never seem to catch a break because Gio keeps forgiving and letting the men have leadership roles after showing to him time and time again their true colors. At this point, it's as if a bunch of high school kids are running the operation. I do feel bad for Kei though because even though he manipulated Mira, he did have her best interest in mind.

However, a very dangerous enemy lurks in the shadows. He wants the woman and life he thinks was stolen from him, and he is prepared to burn the Battaglia dynasty to the ground to have her again. Secrets, plots of revenge, and lies infiltrate the Battaglia family. The destruction and pain left behind is catastrophic and can only be healed by true love. But will Giovanni and Mirabella learn that lesson too late? This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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