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My only complaint is that for a legendary military unit, the author's amount Bought a copy and read many years ago. Well written and informative account of the FFL from the perspective of a new recruit. Clearly shows how the free-will and conscience of the men is suppressed Simon Murray. After his adventures in the Legion, he became part of the team that set up the mobile telephone company, Orange. His own highly successful investment company specialises in Far Eastern futures and he has been a 'Taipan' for the biggest Hongs in Hong Kong. He gets there, only to discover that all the Legionnaires have gone to the Legion convention in Boston.

He is thus alone with Baby Dumpling when Ali-Baba, known as "the mad dog of the desert," decides to attack the fort. After a familiar scenario of gags one defeated desert warrior marches about with a sign saying, "This fort unfair to Arabs" , Ali-Baba e. It is the first American feature film to be set in the First Indochina War. It is a remake of the film Le Grand Jeu. Plot After an affair with a young woman named Sylvia the Frenchman Pierre Martel leaves Paris and goes to Algeria because he wants to start over. His wife refuses to follow him.

Dismayed about all this he decides to join the French Foreign Legion.

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  • As a soldier he runs into a look-alike of Sylvia. Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion is an American half-hour black-and-white television series about the French Foreign Legion starring Buster Crabbe in the title role. Crabbe's real-life son Cullen Crabbe played the Legion mascot, with cowboy sidekick Fuzzy Knight playing himself as Legion comedy relief. The series premiered on NBC on 13 February and ended its first run with the 65th episode shown on 7 December Production The first season of the television show was filmed on location in French Morocco with many actual Legionnaires and their installations featuring in the show.

    With increased danger to the crew, the series moved to Italy. One of the producers of the show was Harry Saltzman.

    ISBN 13: 9780450056727

    The series episodes were almost like Westerns updated to French North Africa. The Fren. A second unit led by Robert Rossen filmed scenes in Morocco. Gerard is to escort the Emir's daughter, Cara, who has been studying in France, to Bel-Rashad that is off limits to Frenchmen and investigate whether there may be anti-French activity in the city. On their ten-day journey Gerard and Cara fall in. The strip features the misadventures of the eponymous lead character, Beau Peep, an inept and cowardly British man who joins the tough and hardy French Foreign Legion in the deserts of North Africa to escape his terrifying wife Doris back home.

    There are also numerous surreal supporting characters. Origins Beau Peep was first published in the launch issue of British newspaper The Daily Star on 2 November , and ran until late The strip is drawn by Roger Mahoney. Beau Peep was originally intended as a parody of Beau Geste, a adventure novel b.

    The film celebrates the s French Foreign Legion. Foreign Legion Major Foster Hackman , a war-weary American haunted by his memories of the recently ended Great War, is assigned to protect a group of archaeologists at a dig site in Erfoud in Morocco from Bedouin revolutionaries led by El-Krim based on Moroccan revolutionary Abd el-Krim. The song Plaisir d'amour, a tune about lost love and regret is heard repeatedly through the film, serving as the film's theme song.

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    Plot Soon after the Great War, Major Foster Hackman , the commander of a detachment of the French Foreign Legion, suffers the haunting memories of leading an army of 8,, now reduced to He has become an alcoholic as a result, and his only friend is his faithful Sergeant, Triand Rufus Narcy. Foster arrives in Paris to assume a new command: to return to the Rif Morocco.

    The title is a reference to the novel Beau Geste , and to the common ethnic slur of the time, "bohunk". Middleton again playing their commanding officer. Plot Stan and Ollie are at home while a lovesick Ollie sings and plays piano for his absent sweetheart Jeanie-Weenie only ever seen as a photograph , before revealing to Stan that he is to marry her.

    The postman delivers a letter from Jeanie-Weenie rejecting Ollie for another. A heartbroken Ollie announces that the pair of them shall be joining the French Foreign Legion, as it is the only place where he can forget her. When they arrive at the barracks in French Algeria, they discover that not only are all the other soldiers also trying to forget lost loves, they are all trying to forget the same lost love as Ollie and one another:.

    This is a list of films featuring the French Foreign Legion in which the French Foreign Legion is portrayed either through its plot or by a main character. The French Foreign Legion is a military arm of the French army, established in , and it has seen action throughout the world, recently in Africa and the Middle East. It has been featured in a large number of films, including a number about the legion itself, such as 's Outpost in Morocco. Ross Lederman Paul Kelly, C. Follow That Camel is the fourteenth in the series of Carry On films to be made, released in December Follow That Camel.

    Angela Douglas makes the third of her four Carry On appearances. Anita Harris makes the first of her two Carry On appearances. It was released in The screenplay was written by William P. Lipscomb and Lynn Riggs, who based it on the novel by Robert S. Hichens's novel had been filmed twice before, as silent films made in and The music score is by Max Steiner. It was the fifth film to be photographed in Three-strip Technicolor, and uncredited cinematographers W.

    Howard Greene and Harold Rosson received a special Oscar for advances in color cinematography. The filming locations were in Buttercup, California and Yuma, Arizona. Plot Trappist monk Boris Androvski Charles Boyer feels enormous pressure at having to keep his vows as a monk, so he flees his monastery.

    Yet he is the only one who knows the secret recipe. The script is based on the true story of the Battle of Kolwezi that happened in Raoul Coutard shot the film in a documentary style. Synopsis The film is based on true events: In approximately 3, heavily armed fighters from Katanga crossed the border to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and marched into Kolwezi, a mining centre for copper and cobalt.

    They took 3, civilians as hostages. Within a few days between 90 and hostages were killed. The rebels appeared to be unpredictable and are reported to have threatened to annihilate all civilians. It is a satire loosely based on the novel Beau Geste, a frequently-filmed story of brothers and their adventures in the French Foreign Legion.

    The humor is based heavily upon wordplay and absurdity. Feldman plays Digby Geste, the awkward and clumsy "identical twin" brother of Michael York's Beau, the dignified, aristocratic swashbuckler. It was the feature film directorial debut of Feldman. Plot Spoofing the classic Beau Geste and a number of other desert motion pictures, the film's plotline revolves around the heroic Beau Geste and his brother Digby's misadventures in the French Foreign legion out in the Sahara, and the disappearance of the family sapphire, sought after by their money-hungry stepmother.

    Though co-written and directed by Willis Goldbeck, Goldbeck walked off the film due to disputes with Lancaster whose own company Norma Productions produced the film with the film being completed by Robert Parrish. Portions of the film were filmed in Palm Springs, California. The story was released as a Fawcett Movie Comic 16 in April Plot After capturing an important Rif prisoner in an undercover operation, Sergeant Mike Kincaid Lancaster is imprisoned himself for striking a lieutenant Stephen Bekassy who beats a French woman Mari Blanchard with his riding crop for preferring Kincaid to him.

    Kincaid has a. Cast William Collier Jr. Synopsis In the south of French Morocco, two members of the Foreign Legion uncover what they believe to be the testing of a secret weapon. Look up Legion, legion, or legions in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Beau Geste is a silent film based on the novel Beau Geste by P. When he arrives, he receives no response from the Legionnaires manning the walls, only a single shot. He realizes they are dead. The trumpeter volunteers to scale the wall and open the gate, but after waiting 15 minutes, the major climbs inside himself.

    He finds the dead commandant with a bayonet stuck in him and a note in his hand addressed to the chief of police of Scotland Yard which states that the writer is solely responsible for the theft of the "Blue Water" sapphire from Lady Patricia Brandon. Soon after, the bodies of the commandant and the man beside him disappear. Then the fort is set afire. The major sends two Americans to fetch reinforcements. The film then flashes back fifteen years to Kent, England. The three young G. It is a romantic drama set against the background of the French Foreign Legion, and the film was an example of poetic realism in the French cinema.

    The title Le Grand Jeu refers to the practice of reading the cards. Blanche asks whether her client wants the 'full works', the whole story: "Alors Timbuktu is a American black-and-white adventure film directed by Jacques Tourneur and starring Victor Mature and Yvonne de Carlo.

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    The French have removed large numbers of troops from their African possessions, leaving the way open for revolt. American soldier of fortune Mike Conway Victor Mature sees a chance to pay his way back to the United States by gunrunning to hostile Tuaregs. Wearing a slouch hat and bush jacket, Conway is armed with a Thompson sub machine gun and a wristwatch with an alarm engraved "From Conway to Conway".

    He finds himself walking a razor's edge between an anti-French Tuareg leader John Dehner keen for Conway's supply of weapons but keener to use his tarantulas on his prisoners, a moderate Imam Leonard Mudie wanting peace, the local French Foreign Legion commander George Dolenz , and the commander's attractive wife Yvon. Under Two Flags was a American silent drama film directed by J. Gordon Edwards and starring Theda Bara. It was the second adaptation of the best selling novel Under Two Flags by Ouida.

    The film is now considered to be lost. There he wins the friendship of Emir, a native whose wife he had saved from the lust of his commanding officer. Old friends visit Algiers and recognize Bertie, and urge him to return and claim his own. His refusal leads to a scene where he strikes his commanding officer, and for this he is condem. George and George F. The film was released on November 18, , by United Artists. Unlike many Foreign Legion films the film was set in the s. Plot A strong force of mounted tribal Arabs launches a surprise attack on a French Foreign Legion fort in the North African desert, having previously intercepted and brutally massacred a relief column en route to the fort.

    After an Alamo-like battle, the more numerous Arabs capture the fort. Various sub-plots ensue, until eventually another Legion relief colum. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, the strip began in and ended in May Wren and filmed several times.

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    • The comic strip is set in the middle of a barren desert at a desolate fort, where the tyrannical and corrupt Commandant Vermin P. Crock rules ove. The picture was based on the 19th century novel of the same name by the writer Ouida. The film was widely popular with audiences of its time. The novel was previously adapted for the screen in ; , starring Theda Bara; and , under the direction by Tod Browning. His company is attacked while escorting a caravan. The survivors join a battalion stationed in southern Algeria.

      Cigarette finds out and. Plot Although minor plot points separate the versions, all of the versions share a common element of a stolen gem, which one of the Geste brothers, Beau Geste, is thought to have stolen from his adoptive family.

      The French Foreign Legion

      This version, unlike the Hollywood movies, stays true to the book, in that the three young brothers join the legion, are later commanded by Sergeant Major Lejaune not Markov like in one of the Hollywood versions , and this TV adaptation contains the scene from the book where the surrounded Legionnaires defiantly sing Le Boudin. The Legionnaires' equipment is spot-on too, right down to the correct mess-tins and bayonets. Filmed entirely in England, at various locations, with its desert scenes being filmed in a sand pit in Dorset.

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      Cast Benedict Taylor Michael 'Beau' GesteAnthony. It was loosely based on Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers, with the musketeers becoming three soldiers in the French Foreign Legion, and d'Artagnan being reconfigured as Lt. Raymond Hatton, Francis X. Bushman, Jr.

      He is aided by three bumptious legionnaires: Clancy an Irishman always spoiling for a fight , Renard a wily Frenchman , and Schmidt a German who loves sausages. Nicknamed the "Devil. It is the third film version of the operetta, the third made by Warner Bros. Although it was released in , it was not made in widescreen; at that time Twentieth-Century Fox held the rights to Cinemascope, which was introduced that year in the film The Robe.

      Plot The original plot is more-or-less adhered to, with some significant alterations. Benny is depicted as a comic Bob Hope-like coward, but not as a sissy. El Khobar's alter ego is that of a mild-mannered but not squeamish Latin tutor and anthropologist, whom Birabeau Ray Collins hires to keep Margot Kathryn Grayson from flirting with his regiment. After the final battle, the General's soldiers realize that El Khobar and the Riffs were actually on their side and helped in preventing an uprising.

      When on. It is a partial remake of their short film Beau Hunks. Plot While the boys are working in the fish market in Paris, Ollie falls in love with Georgette Jean Parker , the beautiful daughter of an innkeeper. She turns down his marriage proposal because she is married to a Foreign Legion officer named Francois Reginald Gardiner. Heartbroken, Ollie contemplates suicide. He is joined by his friend Stan in sinking himself into a river. In some versions this proceeding is complicated by the presence of an "escaped shark". Stan repeatedly interrupts Ollie as he is about to throw the weight in, and asks him to consider the possibility of reincarnation.

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      Ollie decides his preference is to be reincarnated as a horse. Francois catches sight of them and convinces them to enlist in the Foreign Legion in order to forget Ollie's failed romance. When Stan asks how long it wi.