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Synopsis 19 years old Davi, married a stranger whom she never seen at all to save her little brother. Tags Popular tags for the story Romance Add my tags. Fans See all. Gifts -- Gift Received.

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Send Gifts. Write a review Reading Status: C0. Post Post. Review posted successfully! Read more reviews. Review Details. Report inappropriate content. Report abuse. Report story. Report Copyright infringement issues please send mail to dmca webnovel. Get More. Payment Method. Please switch to the pop-up to complete the payment. Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Continue reading Shofi Ahmed Apr I only took the moon veiled in my cube I took her innate water off but not for good. Off this night the sunup is yet to unleash the dawn, let alone the tucked away noon!

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Karijinbba Jul Jump in my pool now all my lovers have finally given up and left me if you still wish to see me cry USE honey HUG me kiss me with your Rhett kiss spirit breath of life and if you can't look at your STAR in your bed remember my constellation is Aries Gods love bid we should have married once upon a time to change the world. Sorry I stung you I died in pain love of my life I loved you with a love which had no beginning no end omnipresent you remained my twin shy mam.

Mystic Oct Grand edifices, seem pretty nice Hoarding up money, such a heist Pockets full, everything to boast All that luxury, all that toast Curtains of wealth, over those eyes Trapped in such a state of vice Stockpiles of silver and gold Deal, a sign, everything sold Wealth in reality, zero a price Counting em, this year x thrice Pretending to be above n bold The stiff heart you couldn't mould Crawling over body, ants and lice Scorpions too, it's nothing nice Shivering with fear and cold The pain, agony, all foretold In the grave, horrendous mice Game's over for the rolling dice No one to tell, weren't you told To that paper now grab a hold May it be Burj khalifa, all those malls The huge tall towers, everything falls Sabotag shall suffer those proud walls Awaits!

The vast stage, superior than all halls. Chantell Wild Feb Shofi Ahmed Nov Treading Blindfolded on Your Way. Stars in their abundance goodness knows how many thousands. Tiptoe over my little alleyway while I continue to sleep not even the moon I didn't tell my dream. Crackling the roaring light of heaven over the mountain of the dawn the master painter showed up with its bursting colour plate.

But I opted for a blank paper not a colour copy of my dream. I wrapped my eye in it with my pride. Now treading blindfolded on your way and over to you, I give me, my eye and my dream!

An Accidental Therapy Session or Why I Love Blindfolded Painting

Shofi Ahmed Jun The Crescent Moon. Hold it with nothing only behold with the eyes! Lo, this crescent Moon: The heaven's smile in the night! Without a light in the sight as if walking blindfolded but didn't go into the blue. Took a trip into the matrix without squaring the circle. With no pattern, no more decimals of pi undefined by design but found the Moon! King Panda Dec Shofi Ahmed Oct Shades of the Rose. Bloomed upon a star!

The setting sun sliding far into the twilight pool captured the picture! Eye on the bumblebee! That was first to bask in the sun thinking that it dove to the length into the shades of the midday rose. There it's silhouette gets caught is half-lit on the bank of the milky way brook.

Shades of blue put in the mix an inky shadow. The sprawling black night puts a veil on the day on every eyeball. Even the leading light of the day the sun shuffles an acre of the night blindfolded down the full moon! Flawless Contradictions Nov Antiqued Disease. Out of Colour for the Moon. Will it be shining again all blue water?

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Now is up to the luck. Far from the twilight beach the sun jumped in the sea is out of the light out of colour.

Blind(folded) Blind Dates (Haily & Jim) - Truth or Drink - Cut

Lest it dives out catching the moon in the dark! Twinkly stars, the studded diamond set up in the high sky softly whisper: As dark descends, a new moon can drown with blindfolded eyes but never lose her sway!

Over the black canvas of the darkened sea lapping up one more dwarf - a submerged sun, the untouched moon comes out. And by now all the half-lit light bulbs up in the sky, the cherubic stars are mirrored upon the sea water. Now will the moon paint its mystique blue limelight or will toy away once again being untouched? Karijinbba Dec Amazing Grace.

Land of the Blindfolded - Wikipedia

I could say it to his face all I felt like calling him good or bad and he smiled and immediatly I purred. We even made a wtitten promise of such enviable love yet, we didn't put it in practice. My ancient king of hearts continued brewing my twenty year old wine in a barrel of heartache and pain leaving me behind amnesic, and death calm.

Running from her many a time leaving her with a cold marriage contract handy while his heart and brain remained ever ONE with mine. As her personal lubricant got dryer and dryer it was harder for my beloved to be intimate with the ugliest lawliar twoface snake surgically enhensed drug user insignificant other called wife. And as her hatred malice greed and jealousy blew, out of proportion so did her nasty brew on Outer Limits Twilight Zone along with a breach of his trust in her, spoiling her own brewing wine to a nasty bitter moldy vinagar. Yet to him all her potions remained ever secret hidden behind smc sunflower smile, daughters and son used to blindfold her selfish agenda.

Ever so covertly taunting cursing showing hate to me and my children was her banner. Smc threatened us by e-mails behind his back.