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Subscribe to receive our specials! We value your privacy, and will never share or sell your email address. Secure Payment Options. Nephthys was the byproduct of Wyvern 0m3g4's choice to give G-6 and the island its situated upon a death and horror theme, much in the same fashion as that of Thriller Bark.

As such, Nephthys herself was intended to have a monster theme to her character. Unlike other officers and affiliates of G-6 however, Wyvern struggled the most in giving Nephthys her motif. Originally, Wyvern had wanted someone who was a high-ranking officer amongst G-6 who could play the role of a "judge of the dead archetype," as Wyvern seems to call it.

In time however, due to the work involved in developing Medusa and Bram's abilities, Wyvern temporarily forgot about this detail. And so when it came time to work on Nephthys' character, he had begun working from the ground up once again. After discarding another motif to centralize Nephthys around, Wyvern recalled his "judge of the dead" idea he had hoped to use. Realizing Nephthys was going to be a Rear Admiral regardless of her given theme, Wyvern capitalized on the opportunity and finally decided upon making Nephthys his long awaited death deity-themed Marine.

Due to the Egyptian influences from before, Wyvern focused on using ancient Egyptian deities as the basis for Nephthys' character. Looking through lists of death related deities and mythical figures, Wyvern decided upon modeling Nephthys after the goddess who inspired Nephthys' name. Recalling his sky island descendant idea, and how Nephthys was originally considered to be half sky islander and half human, Wyvern reinstated this concept into Nephthys' character, while additionally making her a Majin tribe descendant as well.

This was also due to the Egyptian influence in Nephthys' design.

Come the Chupacabra: An Erotic Horror Story by Ffion Rhys

To ensure there would be as few problems with Nephthys' sky island heritage as possible, Wyvern purposefully left her exact roots unknown. As he continued to develop Nephthys from that point onward, he took note of her now angelic appearance and its contrast to G-6's dismal, gothic design. As he thought about it, the phrase "angel of death" entered his mind. Knowing this was one of many personifications of death itself, as well as an alias for the grim reaper, Wyvern quickly threw this into Nephthys' overall design; making it her epithet amongst G While also developing the plot of the G-6 Arc for his story, One Dream , Wyvern began to feel that he needed to elevate the importance of Veronica's , Ika's and Kris' presence in the arc.

10 Horror Movies That Are Basically Porn

To compensate for this, and the fact Chris was intended to fight Tombstone Grim in the arc's climax, Wyvern also increased the significance of Grim's Rear Admirals in the story; Nephthys included. Thus, while setting up the fights between his main protagonists and the G-6 Arc's main antagonists, Wyvern decided to pit Nephthys against Kris, due to both characters having not consumed a Devil Fruit.

I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1

Knowing he made Kris a competent martial artist and combatant, Wyvern in turn did the same to Nephthys, in order to give Kris an appropriate challenge best suited for her. Thus, Nephthys became a highly trained, adequately skilled fighter with various martial arts to fall back on. To ensure Nephthys' role as a challenging antagonist, Wyvern also gave her the ability to harness and use Busoshoku Haki.

This was also done in order to further make Nephthys stand out in comparison to her fellow Rear Admirals, whom were more geared toward relying on their respective Devil Fruit powers and usage of Rokushiki. It was also Wyvern's attempt to include Transcendency among Nephthys' repertoire of known martial arts. Nephthys - Wikipedia article about Nephthys, the ancient Egyptian goddess who was the inspiration behind Nephthys' name. Angel of Death - Wikipedia article that refers to the Angel of Death, which inspired Nephthys' epithet and her general motif.

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Djinn - Wikipedia article about the djinn, which inspired Nephthys' tribal heritage. Sky Island - One Piece Wiki article about sky islands; a region of the One Piece world where Nephthys' father came from, and where Nephthys can trace parts of her roots from. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Nephthys wearing clothing more akin to that of a Marine's standard uniform. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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Marines ; G Marine ; Rear Admiral. Sahara Island Royalty and Army:. Majin Tribe:. Abilities Devil Fruit Based:.