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Free Shipping All orders of Cash on Delivery Pay for your order in cash at the moment the shipment is delivered to your doorstep. Log In. Don't have an account? Sign Up. Can you see your tracking number in your account in swag. I am Atlassian's resident swag master. I program managed getting swag. I helped the Atlassian Answers team get the new Answers swag on the store and they've done a great job automating the process of getting the items to you.

I am aware of international shipping issues. Delays and customs issues have quickly riddled our gift giving process. Certain countries have become more of a pain than others. Myself and Powertex, our swag vendor, are looking into it. We want the gift giving process to be as smooth as a new laptop's space bar.

Ya, UK customs likes yout swag a lot, they value it - both items I got recently had surcharges, but hey :. The 10K answers bag is neat, but I can't fit my 17" laptop : the side entry aspect seem to expect something smaller, a mac perhaps, the older 'default' Atlassian bags are top loaders, fits the 17" fine :. Its a very cool red color T-shirt..

Unfortunately no such luck for Karma Queens - only the Karma King T-shirt appears to be on offer from these emails and no response so far to my reply asking about it, 5 days and counting Great I too recieved an email from Atlassian confirming the shipment details.. Hope the courier finds me soon! I'm sorry to disappoint, but that was only on the old tshirts.

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The QR customization caused a bottleneck and slowed down the distribution of tshirts tremendously. However, I hope you enjoy your nice red Karma King shirt! I have to say I really like my original KK design with qr-code Dieter - let Atlassian know through the swag contact form - they feel you should not have to pay additional charges. Thank you very much I became a karma king today! Can I get my t-shirt too? How long does it take? Will I get official notification? Well it's been 14 months to the day for me and I'm still waiting.

I guess Kings have more luck than Queens. I placed the order for T-shirt when I reached the 1. How can I track? Well, I crossed mark almost a months ago. After that Atlassian confirmed the shipping details of the T-Shirt through email. But since then I am waiting for my swag to arrive :.

Naren, intially i also had the same problem i waited for two months, but have't recived then again i place a order from here. I had select UPS. You're one step closer to meeting fellow Atlassian users at your local event. Learn more about Community Events. Atlassian Community logo Explore. Start a discussion Great for ongoing dialogue with others in the community. Turn on suggestions.

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Data Center. Interests Feedback Forum. Team Playbook. Continuous Delivery. Life Sciences. It's not the same without you Join the community to find out what other Atlassian users are discussing, debating and creating. Sign up for free Log in. Where's my T-Shirt? Andrew Frayling Mar 27, Hi, A slightly cheeky question, but I was wondering if the notification was triggered for me reaching karma as I still haven't recevied my t-shirt? Was my t-shirt shipped?

Are there problems with the notification triggers again?

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  5. Answer Watch. Like 10 people like this people like this. Answer accepted. Jeremy Largman Atlassian Team Mar 27, Thanks for raising this Andrew, it'll get us to hop on it. Andrew Frayling Mar 29, Just had confirmation that my t-shirt has been shipped. Thanks for sorting. Cheers, Andrew. Dennis Kromhout van der Meer Mar 27, Hey Andrew, just wanted to let you know I'm on this. I'll let you know once I have news. JamieA Mar 27, Alright, I'll check your status as well :. Cheers Dennis. There is a laptop bag too? Noone even told me about that? My address is I talked to Jeremy today, he'll take it from here :.

    Dieter Mar 27, Hey, me too sent the address to Nik more than a month ago and i didn't receive my t-shirt yet Ramiro Pointis May 08, I think I will have to wait longer ;. Nik Eklund May 08, Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 08, Hi Atlassian, I just wanted to ask, whether you got an information about me getting the Karma King Badge. But Karma King is also nice and a lot more rare :- Thank you Thomas. Dieter May 08, Hi Nik, I'm still waiting for my t-shirt and meanwhile for a bag as well Hi Dieter - I will send you an email shortly to figure out what is going on.

    Will make sure we get everything sorted out and that you get all your Answers swag. JamieA May 08, I got my t-shirt, thank you kindly. Gary Weaver Jun 07, J Thomas Jun 26, Woo-hoo, me too! Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Jul 03, Norman Abramovitz Jul 03, Ramiro Pointis Jul 12, Recieved my t-shirt today! J Thomas Sep 10, Gary Weaver Sep 10, Radu Dumitriu Sep 10, Norman Abramovitz Sep 12, Andrew Frayling Sep 12, This was my original question so I've just hit the "poke atlassian" button to try and get Atlassian's attention.

    Nik Eklund Sep 12, It's more just excitement. But then also professionally — this is really big. I've always had trouble making money before and being financially successful and I was just hired as an executive by an Internet start-up, and so it's huge for me. I get to develop an online wellness community and utilize my skills. It's an enormous change and it's the type of thing that I've always known that I could do, but I've always known there was stuck energy there and I didn't know how to fix it in order to attract those level of players. And also, I want to say that you and I worked on me manifesting from my Highest Self and that was another huge key for me because I was always working on the level that I'm at now which is good.

    You want to be where you are, but at the same time, when I manifest from my Highest Self and my highest potential, it makes it effortless. Edie S. Edward, first off, again, thank you. Our session was great and I very much appreciate it. My chest feels very different. It was such a part of me, I just didn't notice it til it was gone. Now my heart chakra area feels very light, open and expansive. So whatever was there, is gone. So that's definitely a change. As to what this signifies, we'll see as time progresses. This is big. I had a Great Uncle who passed away earlier this year, a very wealthy man, never married, no kids.

    He lived about 10 miles from where I grew up and my dad took care of him his entire life — had been in very poor health since When he died the family rumor was, he was going to leave his entire estate to one of his nieces who lived several states away, who didn't need the money, and who hadn't done anything to help him in years, but they held the same unusual political beliefs.

    Several of my family members were really outraged about this but my opinion always had been, it's his money, he can do whatever he wants with it. I had never throughout my entire life had any expectation of inheriting a penny from him. Well — his will was formally read over the weekend and apparently he changed it right before he died, and decided to divide up the estate equally among all his nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews.

    This is huge. You may recall that I had to cancel the first webinar because I had a job interview. I've been looking for a new job for about 3 months now, having been with the same company off-and-on for 9 years. Well, my boss confronted me early this week and made me an offer I can't refuse, to stay. You have no idea what a shock this is, given our previous working relationship, history, issues, etc. I've always joked to his face!

    We're next-door neighbors and I've worked for him since To say this was a shock is the biggest understatement possible. I suspect some other stuff will shake out before the end of this week given that I have some stuff going on. But nothing else big to report yet.

    I just wanted to let you know — I think you said the visualization we went through was the first time you've done that particular visualization.

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    So far, man. It works. Senior Executive in Washington, DC 5 days after our initial session. The issues covered, especially of experiencing persecution were so miraculous to feel as if a voice inside was saying 'YES! I feel like that yet how can I explain such problems to regular people in my life!

    I feel much less alone in life as a LightWorker now. This has affected my level of optimism so positively, and had good effects in every area of my life with things very much moving forward. I wanted to stop by and share with the group — I've experienced a fantastic healing of a life long self-destructive tendency of destroying my fingers nails, cuticles! A few weeks ago I watched a Ted Talk on addiction, and I had a 'trifecta epiphany healing' experience of a realizing my mother was just miserable in her own life; it was her problem I wasn't the problem b realizing, with the help of one of Don Miguel's 4 Agreements Don't take things personally that her drinking wasn't about me; wasn't my fault and 3 with those 2 things in hand, giving myself and my child version of myself who suffered so over the years, compassion, using the Compassion Key process …It felt like I'd put down a lb.

    And I've been enjoying a new, 'lighter feeling self' ever since… I wish for everyone magnificent healing using Edward Mannix's work! I have experienced a great shift in clarity around my relationships and how I now choose to engage, or not. Much clearer boundaries.

    I have been working to heal, evolve and clear personal and ancestral karma, as I have faced some difficult life issues over the past few years. I recently discovered Edward's work, and I was so inspired, I signed up for his Lightworker Accelerator course, which has revived possibilities inside of me that I had become desperately resigned about. Edward coached me on a member call last night and with the final compassion statement, it felt like a heavy foot came off my chest. Today I am feeling an inner spaciousness and more freedom to be myself; freed from the enslavement to collective expectations, outgrown patriarchal patterns and the exhausting hopelessness of the old 'why even bother, nobody really cares' mantra.

    Thank you, Edward. Just wanted to say that I have always felt like a misfit. I have never fit in anywhere until I became a part of this group.


    I completely relate to everything everyone has said. What a wonderfully supportive experience! I find that I don't wear my 'mask' anymore. I also find that the people in my life are responding better. I have spent a lot of time in my life feeling misunderstood but that is lightening up too. I moved way out in the mountains in the country just to get away from people many years ago. On the outside nothing appears to have changed but on the inside everything has fundamentally changed. Much more peace inside. At the beginning of our session together the thought floated through my mind, 'What if this is really it?

    What if this completes the healing from my childhood that I have been striving towards for so long, including years of therapy and various healing modalities? Moments later you asked me to allow the possibility that we could actually complete this healing once and for all. I noticed the synchronicity and decided then that it was done. And so it is! My internal theme song has been happy happy happy since the work we did together, and I often tell myself now that I had a happy childhood. For several weeks I felt quite uplifted, and although I've had a few ripples of discomfort since then, I have not been in psychic pain and have regained buoyancy.

    Our session definitely had a positive impact on my life. Thank you. The affect Edward and The Compassion Key has had on my life has allowed me to feel more ease and space within myself. Self judgment and lack of self worth are no longer a trigger for me. I feel more connection to all parts of my self, especially the communion between my heart and my mind.

    I can sense myself trusting my intuition and connection with my Highest Self and Infinite Source. I also trust that I am taking one step at a time moving forward in actualizing my spiralling life's purpose all the while having fun on the journey and getting to connect with Edward and the other amazing journeyers! Edward is a master at holding space, being present and I always feel that he is listening to me. I also feel that he has an ability to tune into my frequency of communication which allows me to fully comprehend, integrate and embody what we discover through the sessions.

    The Light Worker Accelerator program should be used by everyone on planet Earth to Re-awaken, Remove blocks, and become Reborn into your most Authentic self. Hi Everyone — I'm so happy to be here. Since discovering Edward's work a scant week or so ago, I have felt some kind of homecoming, and I'm sure this group will deepen and confirm that. I have been working with many healing methods for decades and currently have three modalities that I teach and use, yet the Compassion Key has astonished me with its simplicity, power, and ability to get right into my heart and open me to deep emotional healing.

    The Compassion Key surprised me in that I have looked at many instances and feelings in my past that I have looked at before, but this time I feel that the negative emotions connected with these incidents have cleared. During the LightWorker Accelerator course I felt a strong sense of community and got clearer on my mission in life. I have continued to transform lifetimes of baggage during my whole time with Edward, but the LightWorker Accelerator program was amazing in that I felt so connected with the others in the program.

    Also, I became stronger in my identifying as a LightWorker—that my mission is no longer a private secret. Edward awoke the inner child within me, and reminded me that I am still the same fragile, imaginative and creative person I was when I was 8. It was really interesting discovering how the experiences I had in my childhood were still guiding my life today. I appreciated both his right brain and left brain guidance, and I am so grateful to have been able to experience this work!

    I have repeated the process of the 8min audio, on suffering! I would like to share in short what happened! So I had my garden of circles, which quickly turned into little 'Mason Jar's' coincidently, with quite a few empty and several full of my suffering's. This is huge for me! First time i've seen this type of mental clearing vision so clearly!! This is beautiful! Thank You so much for this, I really need to attend your workshops! I can feel, and see how the rest can be removed and that I can live a joy filled life! The Compassion Key and working personally with Edward in several programs has allowed for a spiritual shift and awakening of my feeling nature.

    There is greater ease in all I do and more of a heart centered-ness instead of being stuck in a mind tormented place. The tool of Compassion Key allows me to self-direct my own healing. It is extremely easy to use and extremely effective compared to the other modalities I have been trained in. It's also effective in bringing one into the moment and allowing release of imprints in the moment. Edward Mannix is the real deal and walks his talk. There is a congruence in his person and his teaching that I have seldom seen in other teachers.

    Edward is simply the real deal. He has a huge heart and holds tremendous space for all of his clients optimal growth and expansion of consciousness. I like that the Compassion Key is heart-centered and self-directed, you can use it anywhere or anytime. My sense is that it can work really well with other energy healing modalities, and I like how it increase access to intuition and expands my heart space.

    In addition to really loving the tool, I have to say that Edward really resonates with me on so many different levels as a teacher and lightworker. He is highly intelligent and well-educated in traditional ways, which appeals to my mind side, and has also combined that with deep spiritual work and practice on his own. I basically was attracted to his energy and wanted to work with him because of that, and my soul was recognizing a resonance there, but my mind also weighed in and said, hey, this guy is smart and he explains thing from an intellectual perspective, as well—it's not just all woo woo stuff.

    He has a beautiful energy and positive spiritual vibration and is intuitively plugged-in, and just vibrates on a really high level. I also want to mention that I especially really loved the Lightworker Accelerator program. I just really felt that we were doing some really powerful healing for the planet on these calls, holding space for the whole Universe, connected over many lifetimes.

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    I also went through a resolution of a physical problem that was pretty miraculous during the program. My heart is flowing with gratitude for your deep compassion, time, talents and generosity, Edward! So much of what was said deeply resonated with me and I cried through much of the call. Normally I feel tired after doing even short transformative work and I've had SO much energy this afternoon having lifted so much during the call. Thanks to those who spoke up and allowed vulnerability on the call and to everyone for co-creating the energy for the call. Beautifully done.

    Thanks Edward, and thank you all other nice people of this group… I am very honoured to participate in this work and very thankful for meeting each other again! But instead of concrete we used light, white watery light. I believe it isn't a dream, I am sure we have made these new homes for us to live in.

    If I had $1,500, I would clean my Karma

    My deepest gratitude for you all. When I had my 25 minutes session with Edward we gave compassion to me and my experiences of money as it relates to my family. Edward said that the relationship with my family was going to untangle. He said it better than I can repeat. His voice was so certain I believed him. Shortly afterward one of my brothers sent me a text message asking for money. I read the text and instead of feeling upset about the request, I immediately noticed I did not have a negative emotional reaction.

    That surprised me but what got my attention is that I felt compassion for myself and offered myself more of it. Then I felt some compassion for my brother and then forgot about the request. Today another one of my brothers called me and said he wanted to touch base since we have not talked in a while.

    If you know my family, you know that for my brother to say he wanted to touch base with me is in itself a miracle. In our conversation he told me that he spoke with my brother who asked me for money and explained to him why he should not expect me to respond to the request for money. This brother who explained that I would not be responding to the request had not spoken with me for a while and I have no explanation for why he did what he did except as Edward rightly said, the relationship with my family members is shifting and I am excited about where it is going.

    Thank you fellow light workers, thank you Edward. His work has touched thousands of lives around the world and often leads to miracles in people's financial lives, relationships, emotional well-being, careers, physical health, spiritual lives and more. Prior to becoming a spiritual teacher and facilitator, Edward had a successful career in the private sector as a management consultant and social entrepreneur. He earned an M. While pursuing his Western Education and striving to find ways to do good in the world through business and help heal Corporate America, Edward was simultaneously undergoing sometimes intense spiritual awakenings and transformations.

    Important formative experiences during this period include practicing Vipassana meditation for 18 hours per day in a monastery in Burma, travelling to Nepal to receive teachings and empowerments from Tibetan Rinpoches, and working with hidden masters from a number of traditions and geographies, spanning Asia, Europe and the United States.

    Drawing upon unique insight and an unusually diverse set of life experiences, Edward brings fresh perspective to ancient wisdom and is an important new voice in the arenas of spiritual development and personal transformation. He is the author of two books, Reinventing Truth and Impossible Compassion. Re-Create a New and Better Reality, and Experience the Joy of Completion in Form As you begin to consciously Un-Create the karmic distortions that are constantly being projected into your field, more space opens up for your soul's perfect blue-print, your soul's highest expression, to spontaneously shine through into form, effortlessly and automatically Re-Creating a new and better reality without any need for setting intentions, creative visualization or any other popular mind-based manifestation techniques.

    If you're ready to be free of years or life-times of struggle and disappointment… If you're ready to finally experience your heart and soul's deepest desires spontaneously manifest into form, then this program is for you! Enroll Now. When you click the link or button above you will be taken to a secure check-out page. This is possibly the missing key to evolving to a higher consciousness. Simple, elegant, effective tool that gets to the real 'heart' of matters quickly.

    How fertile is your soil for miracles showing up in your life today? Are you carrying a betrayal imprint in your field? An abandonment imprint? An imprint for not being appreciated and celebrated by others for who you really are? How have these imprints been showing up in your life? We'll be doing clearing processes around these specific common imprints for sure… And also, what more might you want to dissolve together in the relationship sphere?

    KARMA CLEARING (very Powerful)

    One or more supplemental videos with additional clearings will also be included this week. How is your temple doing? Do you love your body and it loves you? What if we could un-create disease? Laughter and tears. Hide the clocks under the bed. Have a healthy meal, hydrate and get ready…. These are very special sessions, and as the name suggests, they are in fact epic.

    So, Here's Everything You Get:. Marriage Reunited. Great Sex All The Time! Best Financial Month Ever. Sugar And Caffeine Addictions Gone.