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This dub remix by Porter Ricks revolves around a thumping beat. The distant vocals can be heard beneath it. Unused clips from the scrapped video are merged with live performance footage. The CD version features the same performance of this song in the regular playlist. A stripped down, acoustic version of this song was included on the Still album.

The Day The Earth Died

It mostly resembles the Quiet mix of the original song, but adapts the end of the song as played on tour into a more relaxed, atmospheric version. This song is among the many Nine Inch Nails songs that have had a music video scrapped. The video, which was partially finished, apparently showed images of a funeral.

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The footage contains black-and-white shots of Reznor in a forest, and color images of a black kingsnake slithering in sand. It also includes Reznor standing in a room with his back to the camera and shows flowers, as well as a feather floating in the air. Right before it cuts to the black-and-white footage of Reznor, for a split second, it shows a man most likely Reznor hovering in the air in a red room.

The Day the World Died

Right in front of him is a bright light that instantly brightens, making the screen white for the black-and-white footage to come in. The second half of the video contains live performance footage of the band. In November , a post was made to the forum at now defunct dirty. When performed live, the second half of the song is extended after the verse and the guitar progression.

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This extension seems to be modeled after the Quiet mix, but features a tom-driven drum rhythm as well as the guitar doubling the bassline in a higher register. Carl Kovak was an expendable political prisoner as far as the Eastern Totalitarian Government was concerned. He was being sent into orbit in a lead lined capsule to see if it offered adequate protection from cosmic rays. Carl was strapped in and waiting for blast-off when the first bombs fell. The lead saved his body but doubt was splitting his mind.

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He had believed in the honesty and integrity of the West. But what if the West had started the war? Finally, after incredible hardships and dangers, Carl Kovak found the answer. Neither East nor West had launched the atomic missiles Now alien invaders and savage mutant stalked the earth.

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    • Reviews from Goodreads. Learn Torah. Over , People Die Every Day. The number of people in the world who have DIED since this page loaded:. Confronting the mortality of the world around us as well as our own mortality can lead us to reflect more earnestly about our priorities - and provide us with a sense of urgency of purpose.

      Statisticians have calculated the "mortality rate" for the world to be roughly.