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Forgot your username? Popular Features. New Releases. Theory and Applications of Numerical Analysis. Description Theory and Applications of Numerical Analysis is a self-contained Second Edition, providing an introductory account of the main topics in numerical analysis.

The book emphasizes both the theorems which show the underlying rigorous mathematics andthe algorithms which define precisely how to program the numerical methods. Both theoretical and practical examples are included. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Back cover copy This self-contained text book retains all the features for which the First Edition was acclaimed while including much new material on the various topic in the area.

Chapman & Hall/CRC Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series

A unique blend of theory and applications. Two brand new chapters on eigenvalues and splines.


Inclusion of formal algorithms. Numerous fully worked examples. A large number of problems, many with solutions.

Common perspectives in numerical analysis

Table of contents Introduction. Basic Analysis. Taylors Polynomial and Series. The Interpolating Polynomial. Best Approximation.

Splines and Other Approximations. Numerical Integration and Differentiation. Solution of Algebraic Equations of One Variable. Linear Equations.

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Matrix Norms and Applications. Matrix Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. Systems of Non-linear Equations. Ordinary Differential Equations. Solutions to Selected Problems. Subject Index. Introduction: What is Numerical Analysis? Numerical Algorithms. Properly Posed and Well-Conditioned Problems. Basic Analysis: Functions. Limits and Derivatives. Sequences and Series. Logarithmic and Exponential Functions. Taylor's Polynomial and Series: Function Approximation. Taylor's Theorem. Convergence of Taylor Series.

Taylor Series in Two Variables. Power Series. The Interpolating Polyomial: Linear Interpolation. Polynomial Interpolation. Accuracy of Interpolation.

Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis | Wiley Online Books

The Neville-Aitken Algorithm. Inverse Interpolation. Divided Differences. Equally Spaced Points. Derivatives and Differences. Effect of Rounding Error. Choice of Interpolation Points.

Numerical Analysis

Examples of Bernstein and Runge. Best Approximations. Least Squares Approximations. Orthogonal Functions. Orthogonal Polynomials. Minimax Approximation. Chebyshev Series. Economization of Power Series. The Remez Algorithms. Further Results on Minimax Approximation. Splines and Other Approximations: Introduction. Equally-Spaced Knots. Hermite Interpolation. Pade and Rational Approximation.

Numerical Integration and Differentiation: Numerical Integration. Romberg Integration.